Carpe Diem

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We are truly who we are
when we let ourselves feel how we feel
when we feel it
† Julia.18.Taurus †

I can’t sleep/

And it’s not because I have insomnia/

It’s kind of like that moment you’re staring out the window of a car on a really long ride/

and you’re looking outside but not really registering what you’re seeing/

you’re seeing, it’s just not processing/

not even realizing that you’re taking in all this visual information/

that’s how I feel when I go to sleep/

My mind just wanders without me even noticing/

and I’m just trying to go to sleep but all these thoughts consume me/

They can be about anything/

everything as a matter of fact/

crosses my mind and like the waves of the ocean/

washes back and forth/



The realization that I almost died has not hit me yet